The Tour So Far...actually this is so hopelessly out of date, that it ends only about 8 months into my travels...sorry, more later.

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Nov 1999 8-16 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  24-30 Singapore
December 1st still in Singapore
  2-4 Brunei - chillin' with the Sultan
  5-23 Malaysia - Sarawak in Borneo
  23-28 Melbourne, Australia - Christmas at the beach in Saint Kilda
December  28-31 Sydney - Y2K Party @ Belle's house!!!
Jan 2000 1-10 still in Sydney
10-16 Bali, Indonesia
  17-31 Irian Jaya (island of New Guinea), Indonesia - trip into the stone age...National Geographic style
February 1-6 still in Irian Jaya - I broke my arm on Feb 3 while treking after jungle birds...yeah!
  6-8 Bali - collect our stuff from storage and brave the flooded streets - it's Rainy Season!
  8-24 Singapore - get a cast on my arm finally, Chinese New Year, around town with lots of Singapore friends
  24-26 Sarawak, Malaysia  - get to see Fredda again!
26-27 Manila, Philippines - get ready for Island travel
March 1-20 Philippines - Palawan, Manila, terraces of Banue, etc, Bagio,  Vigan, Manila again
  20-31 Vietnam - Saigon for 2 weeks, Nha Trang, Hoi Anh, Hue
April 1 - 21 still Vietnam - had to extend my visa for a few more weeks...Hanoi, mountain villages of Sapa 
  21-30 Bangkok, Thailand
May 1-6 Pattaya & Bangkok, Thailand - meet up with some Singapore mates, prep for Cambodia...the journey... : ( 
  7-11 Cambodia - to Siem Reap and around Angkor Wat - wow!
  12-22 Phnom Penh, Cambodia - what a bizzare and interesting place!
  23-26 South coast of Cambodia and the boat back to Thailand
  27-31 Bangkok and Ko  Phi Phi (around Phuket) - awesome scenery @ "The Beach"
June 1 - 18 Singapore - catching up on mail, web, shopping, and "western" conveniences.  And "working" on my no avail - send to US for repairs. 
  19-23 Malaysia - travel up to Perhinitan Islands on the east coast
24-28 Thailand - Ko Samui, Phangang, Tao, and the train up to Bangkok - great beaches and diving
29-30 Bangkok, Thailand - hangin' with Noiomi in Makasan
July 1-7 still in Bangkok - shopping and discos with Noi - buying all that cheap stuff before heading to Europe
8-10 Ko Phuket - train and bus there, meet the Singapore mates, & bus down to KL
11-15 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - see some WD friends in PJ, around China Town and downtown KL - wow, the light rail is actually going and REALLY useful!  Up to the Petronas Towers!
16-20 Singapore - pick up the gear and books for Europe...
21-??? London, England