Sounds from around the world. Each of these were originally recorded on my trusty Psion...

Beware!  Some of these files are quite large - look at the sizes noted on each!

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"Hello" in Thai language (31K)

Natalie favors us with some Arabic words and phrases (427K)

Mayan langnuage Tzutijil as spoken by my Spanish teacher (2721K)



Frogs at midnight in Ourika, Morocco (392K)

The circus-like sounds of Jam el f'na, Marrakesh, Morocco (827K)

Sounds from the side alleys of Marrakesh (664K)

The faint call to prayer in Marrakesh, Morocco...other mornings it was MUCH louder (518K)

Gnawa music - north African style, Essouira, Morocco (1421K)



Festival time in Oaxaca, Mexico (2037K)



A market in Dehli, India (562K)

Prayer chants in a Buddhist temple, at the place of Enlightenment, Bodhgaya, India (544K)

Bus horns in Rajastan, India (220K)

A gong an ancient Buddhist monestary in Mongolia (229K)

Concert in our guest house, Fatapur, India (1421K)

Monkey Temple, Varanasi, India (2279K)

Varanasi streets, from the back of a rickshaw, Varanasi, India (1709K)

Parade in Jaipur, India (2327K)



Nuns in harmony in Santiago de Campostello, Spain (256K)

A group of roving musicians in Santiago, Spain (690K)

Radio voices in Oporto, Portugal (457K)

Bells at old monestary, Novgorod, Russia (1939K)

Russian Orthodox church service, St. Petersburg, Russia (3025K)

Outdoor market in Espinha, Portugal (2327K)

Riding the Tube, London, England (2241K)