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Thailand profile

99% Buddhist country. Thailand is the only country in southest asia that was never officially colonised. From a business perspective it essentially was by the British. They otherwise follow the English ways like Malaysia, Burma, Singapore and Indonesia.

Thai people just want to have fun. Among other asian countries, Thai people stand out as being more sarcastic and having a better sense of humor.

The ideal look for Thai people: tall, white, and yellow hair. Hmmm...that reminds me of someone. Nearly all the biggest movie and TV stars in Thailand are Farang (foreigner) and Thai ethnic mix.

Thai culture always retains a level of politness and respect, even in the roughest or most basic situation. The wai, or hands together prayer like gesture goes along with the greeting - sawasdee krap (men say) or sawasdee kah (women say).

Important stuff in Thai society: the king - people seem to love him. all people must stand and pay respect to the king before any movie starts in the theater. serious jail time follows any public disrespect for the king.

gambling - this is HUGE in thai society. seems everyone plays the weekly lotto in some form or another. Most play the blackmarket lotto which has more variants on the offical public one...and results are based on the public one.

mui thai - THE national sport. Thai Kick-Boxing. Lightning fast feet can catch an opponent behind the head, or knees can hammer away at the backside in the kidneys. or a fist (with boxing gloves) can just go straight to the jaw for a knock down. And of course...the second biggest outlet for gambling funds....nothing like watching a good mui thai event. the most heated round is that next to final round. in the final round, all the gambling action dies out...they usually figure by then it will go to a decision...which is usually known. In the heat of the action, men stand in the mid section of the arena, looking at the crowd in the cheap seats (behind the chain-link fence at the top). The bookies wave hands like at the stock exchange...never taking notes. Money gets passed through the crowd, back and forth. Here the honor system works...cause, its at the fights anyway. no one will be allowed out alive if they skip a payment.

Religion - Thais incorporate buddist cullture into everyday life. to be continued...